What members say about the O'Fallon Chamber?
"If a Chamber of Commerce is judged by it electricity, friendliness, & value (monetarily & otherwise), the O'Fallon Chamber of Commerce is hands down the BEST!"

Darryl Sandweg
Peoples Bank & Trust Co.
636-980-1777 | www.pbtc.net
"Being a part of the Chamber helps me make connections personally and professionally providing me with the opportunities for a more successful life."

Nancy Benes
Living Word Christian School
636-978-1680 | www.lwcs.us
"When we opened our business in 2006, we joined the O’Fallon Chamber to begin networking to community businesses that may have an interest in our services. At that time we didn’t know how much belonging to the Chamber would mean to our business, and to us personally. Of course, we got the business lists, contacts, and the opportunity to network and meet other business people in O’Fallon. We found that Chamber membership is more than sending in your annual dues, you have to participate in events, committees, and yes, volunteer. But our time spent investing in the O’Fallon Chamber of Commerce has been well worth it. We were welcomed into the business community and started providing services to members,but received benefi ts that cannot be measured by our revenues. We not only have clients through the chamber, we now have a network of friends and business partners that promote our business for us, and with whom we can learn, brainstorm and celebrate. And that is priceless."

Jeff and Liddy Arneson
JLJ Technology
(636) 240-0505 | www.jljtechnology.com
" Through the numerous networking opportunities I have increased my business and have seen a steady growth in a struggling economy. I have also increased my business contacts greatly."

Mark Crank
Marcos Productions
314-603-0687 | www.marcos4fun.com
"I have been a proud member of the O’Fallon Chamber of Commerce for many years, and consider it one of the best investments our company has made.  Being involved in an active chamber has benefits that go way beyond money.  Having friends in the community and having access to all of their knowledge and resources is invaluable."

Barb Kinder
Autotech Auto Center
636-978-8038 | www.autotech.pro
"What I have to say about the O’Fallon Chamber of Commerce, can be summed up in one word, “WOW!” This is the most active chamber I have ever seen.  There are so many things this chamber does, it could be a full time job for a member to attend all of the events.They have events planned from early morning (Morning Schmooze) to early evening (Business After Hours), and lots in between, so there is an opportunity to fit every schedule.I have made lots of friends and connections through the chamber, and highly recommend it to all!"

Greg Kinder
Autotech Auto Center
636-978-8038 | www.autotech.pro
"Several months ago, I became an O'Fallon Chamber of Commerce member. I have been pleased with my membership for numerous reasons. One of the many benefits for my medical clinic Pain Management Rehabilitation has been networking. At the Chambers most recent Morning Smooze, a connection was made with a fellow doctor that has lead to multiple patient referrals to my clinic."

Dale J. Klein, M.D.
Pain Management Rehabilitation

Are you a current Chamber Member with a success story you'd like to share? We'd love to hear from you! info@ofallonchamber.org

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