Member Spotlight
The Member Spotlight is a way to highlight a current O'Fallon Chamber member so others can get to know them and their business a little better. Want to be in the spotlight? Join us at one of our monthly Membership Luncheons for a chance to win the spotlight.

200 Costco Way, St. Peters, MO 63376 | ​636-970-4004 

As for myself, I grew up in Mexico, MO (central Missouri).  I hold a degree from Ozark Christian College, Joplin, MO.  I have been in full-time ministry at 3 different Churches in Missouri and Oklahoma, I’ve also worked in the dental equipment field, and have been with Costco for almost 14 years.  I am happily married to Tammy; I have 2 grown children, 2 step-children and 4 grand-children (ages 4yrs. To 1 month).

Costco Wholesale is an independent wholesale warehouse company that has been in existence for about 40 years (starting as Price Club in San Diego, CA).  We operate 671 warehouses worldwide, have over 75 million members, and have 189,000 employees.  We are the 2nd largest retailer in the U.S. and the 4th largest in the world.  Costco is #19 on the Fortune 500.

Our purpose is to offer quality merchandise and services to our members at true wholesale prices.  We do this by finding the best merchandise and vendors and negotiating the best prices possible or manufacturing the best quality products we can ourselves and then offering them to members at a very low mark-up.  The business model of Costco puts people (members and employees), quality and ethics first.  The model seems to work well as we continue to grow and expand, even though Costco does not advertise.  We are constantly rated highly on quality, price and customer service by various reporting agency such as Consumer Reports.
Personally, I am anxious to see my warehouse reach 50,000 members in the next two years; and I am hoping to see two more Costco warehouses in the St. Louis area in the next 5 years.

Please let all chamber members know that I offer a promotion for new memberships at Costco if they are interested in joining (personal or business) and will extend that promotion to their employees through an onsite or flier program!  Anyone can contact me at 636-970-4040 or by email at