About Us
The O'Fallon Chamber of Commerce & Industries is a not-for-profit membership organizations for businesses. Everyday we are working to improve the economic environment of our community through grassroots efforts.



The O'Fallon Chamber of Commerce & Industries is committed to promoting the economic vitality of O’Fallon and the St. Charles County Region by engaging its members in networking and educational opportunities, while advocating for pro-business public policy.
The Vision of the O'Fallon Chamber of Commerce & Industries is to be a catalyst for the prosperity of our businesses, organizations and community. 


​The O'Fallon Chamber of Commerce & Industries Strategic Plan 2020 brochure.


​The O'Fallon Chamber of Commerce & Industries is committed to providing an energetic, professional and welcoming environment conducive to building relationships among its members. 

The product we offer is opportunity...

The O'Fallon Chamber is here to provide you with opportunities for success through networking, legislative action and business development. Through its membership, the Chamber continues our mission of working with businesses to build relationships and providing value to our members and Community. Our outlook on the Community is regional and we strive to keep O'Fallon a vital and growing economic haven for our families and businesses.

Focus on the Community...

The O'Fallon Chamber recognizes the importance of community and we are actively working to encourage, support and promote our member businesses to each other and to our residents. We encourage you to join us in our efforts.

Please stop by our office at 2145 Bryan Valley Commercial Dr and pick up a FREE copy of our Membership Directory & Community Profile or shop with our member businesses.

Keeping a healthy business community is vital to all.